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Traditional, tried and tested pharmaceutical know-how with an eye always on the future – that’s a combination that’s made Rösch & Handel the brand it is today.

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Rösch & Handel’s story began in Vienna in 1890, in the pharmacy “Zur Mutter Gottes”. Back then, the company went by the name of Gimborn & Zifferer and produced medicines and medicinal products that have stood the test of time: Warzin to treat warts, Helopanflat coated tablets, Silverin Silver Nitrate Applicators and Glycerol suppositories.

Health has a long tradition at RÖSCH & HANDEL

At the beginning of the 1950s, Dr Handel joined Gimborn & Zifferer and renamed the company Rösch & Handel. And so began its rise as a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals that doctors and pharmacists well beyond Vienna’s city limits trusted – for instance when it came to treating a lack of gastric acid, a lack of enzymes, warts and other symptoms.


Since BANO Healthcare GmbH took over Rösch & Handel’s product range in 2014, the focus has been on adapting its products to new standards, updating its market presence, expanding its own sales structures and quality control based on ISO 13485:2016.

Where to find our products

Consumers can find our products in pharmacies across Austria, Germany and Italy and also in select specialist retailers.

All our products – except medicines – can also be ordered in our online shop.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy? Combining traditional, tried and tested pharmaceutical know-how with modern standards. Our products are continually evolving so as to stay in line with current research findings and to meet the changing legal bases.

Doctors, pharmacists and consumers can thus rest assured that Rösch & Handel will always deliver high-quality, effective products.


Harnessing the power of plants and minerals for our wellbeing

Our food supplement range ApoCare was developed in cooperation with Austrian pharmacists. 
All the products in this plant-based range contain important nutrients to boost your heart and circulation, to help you cope better with everyday stress or to get a good night’s sleep.


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