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For more than 40 years we’ve stood for high-quality Austrian natural products, natural remedies, medicines and food supplements.

And we also stand by our belief that combining pharmacy quality with natural raw materials produces the best quality products – and the best for your health.

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Traditionally effective


Nature has the best active ingredients.


BANO’s most successful brand products include Arlberger Calendulin Marigold Salve, Arlberger Murmelin Sports and Joint Salve, Arlberger Arnica Gel, Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream and Arlberger Pectatussan Cough Syrup.

Marmot oil, arnica extract, thyme oil, mint oil and marigold oil have been used for centuries to support the body and boost wellbeing and good health.

Growing product range

BANO’s product range has grown over the years. Besides our salves, we now also produce medicinal products such as Arlberger Japomin Oil Drops, Arlberger Foam Bath Oils and Arlberger Sauna Oil.

Our popular Arlberger Pharmacy Fruit Juice Bears are another of our products. They’re gluten-free and free of artificial colourings and preservatives. They’re also high in vitamin C from the acerola cherry, and taste just great.


Our delicious fruit juice bears are also available in a vegan option made with apple pectin instead of gelatine and without any animal-derived ingredients and artificial colourings and preservatives whatsoever.

Where to find Our Products

Consumers can find our products in pharmacies across Austria, Germany and Italy and also in select specialist retailers.

All our products – except medicines – can also be ordered in our online shop.

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Pure, natural ingredients are really important to you, our customers, as well as to us. That’s why we have both a Calendulin Classic and a Natrue-certified Calendulin Natur version of our Marigold Salve.

Among other things, that means that at least 95% of a product’s ingredients have to be from controlled organic cultivation and must contain no artificial preservatives.

Combining Nature and Medicine

Many of our formulas are based on tried and tested, traditional home remedies. Whether it’s marigold, arnica, marmot oil or mountain pine – these natural raw materials have been used for centuries to treat a variety of symptoms and they’re important components in our products.

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