• To be taken for stomach and bowel complaints
  • To be inhaled for colds
  • To be massaged in response to headaches


Essential mint oil to be taken in response to gastrointestinal disorders, inhaled in response to colds with bronchial catarrh and applied in response to headaches.

Japomin® oil is a non-prescription drug, the active agent of which is pure mint oil. It is produced under the strictest quality controls. It contains neither preservatives nor colourings.


For treating mild problems and cramp-like pain in the stomach and bowel, and for mild biliousness. Japomin oil is ingested in these cases.

For colds with bronchial catarrh, migraines and headaches, inhalation as an additional or alternative treatment is recommended.

For migraines and headaches, apply japomin oil to the temples and mix with a small amount of water. For tension headaches, also apply generously to the neck.

JAPOMIN® OIL is a pharmaceutical agent and therefore, unfortunately, cannot be sold from our online shop.
It is available over the counter in all Austrian pharmacies and specialist pharmacies.


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