ApoCare Healthy Sleep
  • helps falling asleep and sleeping through
  • with 1mg melatonin/ coated tablet
  • ideal for wording off jetlag or for shift work
  • no risk of habituation effect
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ApoCare Healthy Sleep

Food supplement for better falling asleep and sleeping through.SleepWell is the ideal companion for long-distance flights, forwarding off jetlag or for shift work. SleepWell can also be taken against sleep disorders caused by stress or grief.


​Swallow 1 to 2 coated tablets daily in the evening with a little liquid.


1 coated tablet contains: Melatonin 1mg, valerian root extract 50mg, passion fruit extract 50mg, balm extract 50mg.

Package Size

60 coated tablets
ApoCare Healthy Sleep
60 coated tablets
16.90 EUR
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