Benefits at a glance
  • Wind and cold protection
  • Protection for your dog’s paws

Vaseline Rösch

For heavy-duty use


Content: 0.06 L (€115.00 / 1 L)
Product number: 7000300

RÖSCH & HANDEL is a brand of BANO Healthcare GmbH.

Benefits at a glance
  • Wind and cold protection
  • Protection for your dog’s paws

Vaseline Rösch: Product description

Vaseline is a protective cream that is suitable for all skin types and body areas. It is perfect as a lip balm and also protects against chafing when cycling or running, for example. Ideal for protecting the face against the wind and cold.

Vaseline can protect your dog’s paws against the cold and road salt in winter. Electricians also use it to protect their hands when pulling cables.

Vaseline Rösch: Effect

Vaseline covers the skin like a protective film. It protects the skin from chafing and from the wind and cold.

Vaseline Rösch: Uses and indications

Simply apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the areas of your skin you want to protect. Repeat as often as desired.

Vaseline Rösch: Ingredients

White Vaseline

Good to know

What is Vaseline good for?

Athletes like cyclists, runners and swimmers in particular appreciate the protective effect of Vaseline. It prevents chafing and protects the skin against the wind and cold. That is why our Arlberg Mountain Pine Cream, which skiers and ski instructors love, also contains Vaseline.

Vaseline is also a great way to protect healthy skin when treating warts or corns. In such cases, Vaseline is applied to the healthy skin surrounding the wart before applying the wart tincture.

What exactly is petrolatum?

Vaseline, also known as petrolatum, is a mixture derived from mineral oil and is a by-product of petroleum extraction. It is an ingredient in numerous healing ointments, as it is generally very well tolerated, inexpensive, long-lasting and a good lubricant.

What is the difference between yellow and white Vaseline?

White Vaseline is the purified and therefore more high-quality type of yellow Vaseline.

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