Benefits at a glance
  • Protects against wind and cold
  • Ideal for protecting skin in winter and when skiing
  • Aids natural tanning

Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream

Protects against wind and cold


Content: 0.05 L (€190.00 / 1 L)
Product number: 18001

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Benefits at a glance
  • Protects against wind and cold
  • Ideal for protecting skin in winter and when skiing
  • Aids natural tanning

Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream: Product description

Our skin already shuts down its own fat production when the temperature drops below 8°C. Yet, fat acts as a barrier and prevents cold winter air from damaging the skin.

That’s why Arlberg Mountain Pine Cream is the absolute best for when you’re on the piste. It protects the skin against the wind and cold and also aids natural tanning by reflecting the sun on account of the Vaseline it contains.

Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream: Effect

The combination of mountain pine oil, juniper berry extract and skin-protecting Vaseline makes this cream unique. Its effectiveness and the pleasant smell of mountain pine have made our Mountain Pine Cream part of many skiers’ standard equipment for many years. Ski instructors in particular who are permanently exposed to the wind and cold and want an intensive tan swear by our Arlberg Mountain Pine Cream.

Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream: Uses and indications

Apply to the face, neck and throat as needed. If you only wish to protect your skin against the cold and do not need the tanning effect, you can apply sunscreen first.

Arlberger Mountain Pine Cream: Ingredients

Petrolatum (Vaseline), Pinus Mugo Leaf Oil (Mountain Pine Oil), Parfum, Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil (Juniper Berry Oil), Limonene*, CI 75810 (Chlorophyll Dye).

* Essential oil ingredient

Good to know

What is mountain pine cream good for?

Mountain pine cream not only promotes natural tanning but above all protects the skin against the wind and cold.

Where does the mountain pine come from?

The mountain pine belongs to the pine family and grows in the mountains where only a few trees can still thrive, such as the Swiss stone pine. There they defy the wind, weather and especially the cold and offer important protection against avalanches.

How do mountain pine oil and juniper berry oil work?

Mountain pine oil has been used for centuries to promote blood flow and also has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. It is a firm fixture in medicine cabinets across the alpine region.

Juniper berry oil, like mountain pine oil, is obtained by steam distillation. It is said to have mainly invigorating properties.

Why does mountain pine cream contain petroleum jelly?

The Vaseline contained in Arlberg Mountain Pine Cream serves to protect the skin from the cold and wind. It forms a protective layer through which the cold can hardly penetrate.

 Who is the mountain pine cream suitable for?

Sports enthusiasts of all ages and all those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter rely on the power of mountain pine, including

  • skiers
  • ski instructors
  • mountain climbers
  • paragliders
  • ski tourers
  • cross-country skiers
  • snowshoe hikers

Our top tip for cold feet

Apply our Mountain Pine Cream to the feet before going to bed. That way your feet will stay nice and warm even in winter.

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