Benefits at a glance
  • Effective in removing corns
  • Easy to use
  • Fast action
  • Medical device

Rapid for the removal of corns

Fast action corn removal


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RÖSCH & HANDEL is a brand of BANO Healthcare GmbH.

Benefits at a glance
  • Effective in removing corns
  • Easy to use
  • Fast action
  • Medical device

Rapid for the removal of corns: Product description

Rapid is a medical product for external use and is used for the rapid and completely painless removal of corns.

Rapid for the removal of corns: Effect

The active ingredients in Rapid cause the denaturing of the superficial skin layer and the loosening and dissolving of the horny layer, which causes the corn to peel off and then detach.

Collodion forms an elastic film and causes the solution to remain on the skin and continue to act on the corn long after it has been applied. Castor oil keeps the collodion film soft and flexible due to its oily, nourishing properties.

Rapid for the removal of corns: Uses and indications

Brush the corn using the enclosed brush each morning and evening. To protect the surrounding healthy skin from the peeling effect, we recommend covering it with a rich, oil-based cream or Vaseline before treatment.

Shortly after application, a milky white, protective membrane forms that should not be removed. The ingredients in the solution soften the corn. The corn can then easily be removed after five to seven days. If a residue (the root of the corn) is still noticeable after removing the white skin, repeat treatment.

Top tip

To increase the effectiveness of Rapid, we recommend taking a warm five-minute foot bath in the evening directly before application. This also makes it easier to remove the corn during the final bath.

Rapid for the removal of corns: Ingredients

Collodion, salicylic acid, lactic acid, acetone, castor oil

Good to know

How do corns and calluses develop?

Corns and calluses can develop when there is excessive stress on one side of the skin. Corns are mostly caused by shoes that are tight-fitting or by foot malpositions. They occur most frequently on the fourth and fifth toes or on the underside of the foot and can sometimes be very painful.

What is the difference between a corn and a wart?

Corns – also called clavus by experts – are usually yellowish-beige in colour and have a lighter core in the middle.

Warts, on the other hand, are solid skin lesions caused by a virus and often have dark spots in their centre. They can occur on their own or in a cluster.

If in doubt, you should consult a doctor who can make an exact diagnosis.

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