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The primrose, or Primula veris (= the first small fruits of spring), is steeped in myth. In German it is also called Schlüsselblume (literally “key flower”) and is said to not only open various doors – like that to paradise – but that it began to grow on Earth after Saint Peter dropped the keys to heaven’s gate. When the angels came here to look for them, all they could find were yellow primroses, or key flowers.

People have treasured the healing power of the primrose for centuries. Hildegard von Bingen already knew of its mood-lifting effect. In the Middle Ages primrose was also used to treat gout and aching limbs.

Today, primrose is above all used to treat colds. The root of the plant contains triterpene saponins, which stimulate the nerve fibres in the bronchial mucous membranes to produce more mucous, which in turn makes it easier to expectorate.

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Primula veris (= the first small fruits of spring) has been valued as a medicinal plant for centuries.


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