Traditionally effective


The marigold (Calendula officinalis), also known as calendula, is one of the most popular medicinal plants that has been recommended by Hildegard von Bingen and many others before and since. Historical herbals praise marigold salve as a remedy for all kinds of injuries and skin and tissue damage.

The plant is native to central, eastern and southern Europe, western Asia and the United States. It’s a perennial plant that grows to between 30 and 50 centimetres in height and has a resinous balsamic odour. The orange- or egg-yolk-coloured blossoms are used. Marigold is easy to grow in gardens in our part of the world.

It has a variety of different actions. Applied to the skin, it can be used to treat diverse localised skin infections, dry and chapped hands, nappy rash, abrasions, skin fissures etc. It promotes wound closure and speeds up the healing process. Since time immemorial marigold salves have also been used to treat vein problems, varicose veins and bedsores. The marigold was named Medicinal Plant of the Year 2009.

Our Calendulin Marigold Salve contains marigold extract. Just like our Murmelin, the salve has proven its worth for almost 40 years and is available in all pharmacies.


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