Apocare Healthy Muscles
  • for maintenance of normal muscle function
  • ideal for major physical exertion in sports and at work
  • for the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion
  • for maintenance of electrolyte equilibrium
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Apocare Healthy Muscles

Food supplement for maintenance of normal muscle function, e.g. for major physical exertion in sports or at work. MuscleWell reduces fatigue and exhaustion and maintains the electrolyte equilibrium, contributes to energy utilisation and protein synthesis.


​Swallow 1 whole tablet 1-2 x daily with a little liquid, in autumn and winter or after major physical exertion: 2 tablets.


​Contains inter alia magnesium 300mg (69% magnesium oxide and 12% trimagnesium dicitrate), taurine 40mg, coenzyme Q-10 8mg, vitamin D3 600 IE.

Package Size

60 tablets
Apocare Healthy Muscles
60 tablets
15.90 EUR
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