Benefits at a glance
  • With mountain pine oil, menthol and arnica extract
  • Promotes regeneration after sports
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • 65% alcohol

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol

To ease tense muscles


Content: 0.25 L (€43.60 / 1 L)
Product number: 15004

BANO Naturprodukte is a brand of BANO Healthcare GmbH.

Benefits at a glance
  • With mountain pine oil, menthol and arnica extract
  • Promotes regeneration after sports
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • 65% alcohol

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol: Product description

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol is ideal before and after doing sports and physical activity, as well as for sore muscles or to cool heavy legs. Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol contains 65% alcohol, mountain pine oil, menthol and arnica extract.

The 250ml spray bottle is handy and fits into any hiking backpack, beach bag or item of luggage – a burst of freshness on the go.

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol: Effect

Ingredients such as mountain pine oil, menthol and arnica extract stimulate blood flow in the skin and thus accelerate regeneration in the case of general fatigue and after sports and physical exertion. Alcohol and menthol have a cooling effect that also relieves heavy legs and heat.

The use of diluted alcohol together with various essential oils can be traced back to the 17th century – especially in France, hence the name Franzbranntwein, or French brandy, in German.

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol: Uses and indications

Rub into the affected areas, for example the legs and back, as required. Please make sure that you do not apply rubbing alcohol to irritated skin.

Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol can be used

  • after sports activities
  • to cool and refresh tired legs
  • to relieve general fatigue and tiredness

Arlberger Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol: Ingredients

Alcohol denat., aqua, alcohol, Arnica montana flower extract, polysorbate 80, Pinus mugo leaf oil, menthol, perfume, limonene,° benzyl alcohol,° benzyl salicylate,° amyl cinnamal°

° Essential oil ingredients

Good to know

What is rubbing alcohol good for?

Ingredients such as mountain pine oil and menthol in our Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol promote skin circulation, thus accelerating the regeneration of sore muscles and tired legs and recovery after general fatigue.

Who is rubbing alcohol suitable for?

Sports and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages trust in our Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol after doing sports, including

  • mountaineers
  • mountain bikers
  • hikers
  • cyclists
  • runners
  • ski tourers
  • cross-country skiers

Our Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol can also be used to relieve tired muscles after doing the housework or gardening.

Owing to its 65% alcohol content Murmelin Rubbing Alcohol also has a disinfectant effect. However, it is not suitable for disinfecting wounds because of the oils and other ingredients it contains.

How does mountain pine oil work?

Mountain pine oil has been used for centuries to promote blood circulation. It also aids muscle recovery and has a positive effect on tense muscles.

How often should rubbing alcohol be used?

Rubbing alcohol can be applied to the affected areas as needed.

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