SILVERIN Silver Nitrate Sticks 50%
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SILVERIN® Sticks 115mm rigid 
SILVERIN® Sticks 115mm flexible 
Use by ENT 
  • For the removal of granulation tissue
  • For the removal of umbilical granuloma
  • For application in the fields of gynaecology
  • For wound management
  • For stoma care
  • For the treatment of warts and corns
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SILVERIN Silver Nitrate Sticks 50%

Silver Nitrate Sticks are a device containing Silver Nitrate and Potassium Nitrate on its tip. They have been mentioned in pharmacopoeias throughout history and are applied topically for the chemical cauterisation in various fields.

Silver Nitrate Sticks remove excess granualation tissue which can develop in healing wounds of the skin, e.g. surgical cavities with granulation tissue. They are suitable for the use in wound management, stoma care and for the treatment of aphtous stomatitis. Silver Nitrate Sticks are used for haemostasis of smaller bleedings such as nosebleeds (epistaxis) or e.g. cervical nicks after biopsies or where electocautery would be inconvenient and painful. They are often used for the removal of warts and in the fields of podology (e.g. for the removal of corns). Residual tissue of umbilical cords of new born babies can easily be removed.

Silver Nitrate has a astringent, caustic effect. The purpose of using Potassium Nitrate is to mitigate the effect of Silver Nitrate.

The users have formed their own preferences and there are no formal recommendations regarding strength, lenght or material.

Video-Guideline for ENT doctors and healthcare professionals.
Wart and verruca removal with SILVERIN Silver Nitrate Applicators - YouTube


The tip of the stick should be moistened with water. If there is enough moisture on the area to be treated, it may not be necessary to moisten the stick. The aim is to transfer the water of the tip, rich in Silver Nitrate, to the area being treated. The area should be touched by dabbing and rolling the tip several times, without rubbing or pressing, taking care to use exact precision. The treaded area will discolour and shed off from the surrounding tissue after a few days.

It may take up to 24 hours until the treated area turns black.

With the exception of the treatment of warts Silver Nitrate Sticks must be used by healthcare professionals.


The tip of the caustic stick contains 50% Silver Nitrate and 50% Potassium Nitrate. Also available with 75% Silver Nitrate on our Webshop.

Package Size

One package contains 100 pieces, 10 pieces also available on our Webshop.
Length: 115mm and 200mm

Both sizes are available as rigid and flexible applicators.
SILVERIN Silver Nitrate Sticks 50%
rigid 100 pcs 115mm
76.00 EUR
+ -
flex. 100pcs 115mm
76.00 EUR
+ -
rigid 100 pcs. 200mm
77.00 EUR
+ -

Warnings and precautions

  • The contact of Silver Nitrate Sticks on newborns and on delicate skin should be short in duration. For all unusually coloured or unusually shaped skin changes that cannot be clearly identified as granulation tissue or normal warts, the Silverin® Sticks are only intended for use under medical supervision.

  • Clothing and other objects should be protected when handling the sticks. Silver Nitrate causes brown-black stains which cannot be removed with conventional cleaning agents.

  • Healthy skin that has been unintentionally touched by the tip of the stick must be thoroughly cleaned using running water and a sponge; despite cleaning, contact with the tip of the stick can result in a harmless dark colouration of the affected areas of the skin. The darf colour fades after about 10-14 days.

  • If the Silver Nitrate Stick comes into contact with the eye, it should be rinsed immediately under running water for at least 5 minutes with the eyelid open and then a doctor should be consulted.

  • When treating mouth and throat, it is important to ensure that no parts of the Silver Nitrate Sticks can be swallowed, as this can lead to serious health problems.
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