• for functional disorders of the brain
  • for peripheral circulatory problems in diabetic patients
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Nicergoline is a medical substance, used for the treatment of chronic organic brain disorders. Against age-related functional disorders of the brain, manifested in e.g. attention deficit and memory problems, depressive mood disorder, apathy, unsociability, lack of personal hygiene, fatigue ordizziness, headache, buzzing in the ears and /or visual impairment(seeing hundreds of tiny black specks) and against peripheral circulatory problems in diabetic patients. As additional treatment of vascular diseases of the eye and the inner ear, as well as after a stroke.


​Unless prescribed otherwise 1 film-coated tablet daily, in severe cases 2 film-coated tablets temporarily. Since efficacy is only fully attained after 4-6 weeks it should be administered over a longer time.


Nicergoline 30mg

Package Size

30 film-coated tablets
Nicergin Filmtabletten sind ein Arzneimittel und dürfen daher leider nicht über den Internetshop verkauft werden.
Sie sind in jeder österreichischen Apotheke erhältlich.


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