Helopanzym Coated Tablets
  • for digestive problems caused by lack of enzymes
  • highly efficient
  • tried over decades
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Helopanzym Coated Tablets

Well tolerated coated tablets for nutritional therapy of digestiveproblems caused by a lack of enzymes. Useful for especiallyindigestive and fatty meals.


​2 coated tablets before or during the meals, up to 4 coated tablets for short-term need and 1 to 2 coated tablets before going to sleep. Swallow whole and with a little liquid.


​Contains inter alia pepsin with min.30 F.I.P. protease units, pancreatin with min. 240 protease units, 3200 amylase units and 3600 F.I.P. lipase units, dried pig’s bile.

Package Size

50 coated tablets
Helopanzym Coated Tablets
50 coated tablets
9.95 EUR
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